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When it is time to transform a ballroom, a tent or any other structure into an event site, lighting is the most powerful medium for developing emotionally driven environments. Light Our Event is a team of the most seasoned professional lighting consultants, technicians and illumination artists by trade.

Whether you are aiming for Sophisticated, Elegant, Rock N Roll, Award, Dance or Whimsical ambience, Neptune's Specialty Luminous Designers are highly skilled in Stage Theatre, Concert Theatre, Corporate Theater, Charitable Galas, and all types of Arena applications, Decor, Ambient treatments, Broadcast and Headline Talent, Neptune has a solution unlike anything you can imagine. We are also a Government and Museum approved preferred lighting vendor.

Unlike other production companies, we actually own our production equipment - audio, lighting, video and audiovisual. No rentals, no middlemen, no mark ups, no running around trying to put a team together on your own. We are your complete Team of veteran production professionals -- all under one roof.

With the combined production experience throughout Light Our Event, we have produced events for Governors, US Presidents, Rock Stars, Teamed together with Oscar Winning Actors and Directors and Fortune 500 companies. We have helped raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations and supported the unveiling of numerous buildings and landmarks throughout the US. With credentials like these, Neptune brings extensive production experience to clients, for any type of event, any level of customer needs, for any type of industry.

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Equipment List:

Consoles: Whole Hog, AVO, EDI, Leprecon.

Automated: Mac 2K Performance, Profile, Wash, MAC 500 and 600, High End CyberLight.

Conventional: ETC Source Four Elipsodial, Source Four Par, Thomas, Altman, Strand Coolbeam Zoom Spotlight, Pinspots.

Effects: Martin Atomic 3k Strobe, Fiber Optic Curtains, Hazer, Fogger.

Power: Motion Lab, Leprecon, EDI Scrimmer Stik.

Rigging: Thomas PRT, Box Truss, 1 ton CM Loadstar, Life Line, Verticle Fall Arrester, ST-25 Genie lifts.

Neptune Productions uses AutoCAD, the leading Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in the World.