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LIGHT OUR EVENT features the latest in audio reinforcement technology. We specialize in a wide variety of sound applications. Because capabilities range from the professional scale concert and big arenas with state of the art line arrays to smaller hotel meetings and trade show settings with a single microphone, we know you will be situated with the right gear and the most professional Audio engineers and techs Southern California has to offer.

LIGHT OUR EVENT professional audio engineers design the right sound reinforcement solution for each venue, delivering maximum sound clarity and reproduction. We offer full-flying suspension systems and audio components from the industry's leading manufacturers.

Great performances begin with performing artists in an environment where they are comfortable and able to focus on their art. Neptune Productions considers the sound system an extension of the performer. We focus on delivering a satisfying on-stage environment to artists, musicians, and performers so they can focus on inspiring the audience. Our Certified Sound Engineers are technically proficient and certified to operate industry-leading audio equipment. Additionally, our sound engineers have an ear and feeling for music to deliver a rich sound for your audience and keep the performers sounding their best.

We know how the importance of a solid Stage Monitor Mix. Our sound engineers make sure the performer's needs are satisfied with an on-stage sound environment which allows the performer to hear, concentrate, and focus on their musical performance. Stage monitor mix preferences are discussed with performers and annotated to assure the very best live show possible!

Unlike other production companies, we actually own our production equipment - audio, lighting, video and audiovisual. No rentals, no middlemen, no mark ups, no running around trying to put a team together on your own. We are your complete Team of veteran production professionals -- all under one roof.

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Equipment List:

DynaCord, Madras speaker cabinets/arrays.

Mackie, JBL speakers, Electro Voice.

Crown, Crest and QSC amplifiers.

Aviom Digital snake. 

Midas, Yamaha, Soundcraft, Mackie consoles.








Wide assortment of Shure, EV and Audio Technica microphones, Including top of the line UHF wireless agile microphones and antenna combiners.